To create a vibrant and transparent communication piece, we use video to capture you personally presenting your messages. This reaches your target audience faster and cost effectively with a personal interaction – saving you time and money, whilst you engage with all of your consumers at once when results and news are current!

Videos are compelling, measurable and drive long lasting impacts to drive commerce, as management and stakeholders present their key messages with a personal approach to their audience.

We script, film, edit and provide media presenters in our tailored packages drawing on our team of producers, who access the best talent.

We cover media events and launches, as well as corporate presentation summaries and live podcast.

7th Feb 2011

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Toll Group announcing Community Investment Partnership

Talent: – Brian Kruger, Managing Director, Toll Group – Tracey Gaudry, CEO, Amy Gillett Foundation – Mal Grimmond, Divisional Director, Toll Specialised & Domestic Freight – Steve Maurer, Driver, Toll IPEC Interviewed by: Alex Lowen, AttentionNOW. Filmed & Edited by Simon Lamb, AttentionNOW. Second Cameraman: Muc Nguyen. Location: Toll Group’s Museum, Altona North, Melbourne, Victoria, […]